Arvindam Acupuncture

Team Arvindam is a joint effort of Sinha Medical Acupuncture Clinic in Delhi , Raj Derma Clinic a clinic for excellence in cosmetic acupuncture  , NashaMitra  , NADA India , Naturality Yoga for teaching, practicing and promoting acupuncture for physical, psychological and spritual rehabilitation.

With Shikha Life Care we also work toward the guidance of patients and their relatives from far off places.

The history of inception of Team Arvindam goes back to late 70’s when Dr.A.K.Sinha started acupuncture clinic in Delhi & Ghaziabad with the name Sinha Acupuncture Centre, which was changed in 2007 to Sinha Acupuncture Research Centre with inclusion of Dr.Arindam Sinha  , Dr. Gargi Sinha , Dr. Nilotpal Das, Dr. Chumkai Dey Sinha. In 2011 Dr. Rajeev R. Srivastav and Dr. Vartika Shukla joined the team making it the biggest Medical Acupuncture Clinic in Delhi and Ghaziabad when it was re-named Sinha Medical Acupuncture Research and Training Centre.

A need was felt to make a team for practice, propagation and training of acupuncture.

Arvindam Eldercare

Eldercare with Acupuncture

Aging gracefully is achievable goal with medical acupuncture when you knee pain, back pain , neck pain , bladder control, gastric problems like bloating constipation and IBS , neuropathies are under your control effortlessly.

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Acupuncture Learning

Learning medical acupuncture with the best and biggest team of 11 dedicated medical acupuncturist from around the world is always a happy learning experience.

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De-addiction with Acupuncture

NADA India and NashaMitra Team are dedicated resource group for de-addiction with acupuncture . We are proud associates of both the groups and working towards a drug free society.

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